Mega Manager

Mega Manager

Manage your MegaUpload files


  • Fast uploads
  • Easy to use
  • Good file manager


  • Login is unreliable
  • A little unstable


Mega Manager is a freestanding application for uploading and downloading files through the popular hosting service MegaUpload.

The big problem with filesharing through web apps is that they usually won't work if your internet buts out for any reason. Coupled with often annoyingly slow speed for uploading files, any way of improving matters is welcome. Mega Manager, while not perfect, addresses these two points. It allows pausing and restarting up and downloads, meaning you waste less time. The speed available for uploads is also much improved compared to the MegaUpload web app

The interface is fairly simple, with a login and tabs for uploading, downloading, link checking and the premium service. If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can install a plug-in that will integrate Mega Manager with your browser, so you can automatically send MegaUpload links to be looked after by the separate application.

There are some issues with Mega Manager though. It's a little unstable, and the login seems unreliable. Despite that, we didn't experience lost downloads at all. It seems a shame that the upload speed in Mega Manager can't be achieved in the web browser, and that there is no integration with Google Chrome or Opera.

Mega Manager makes downloading and uploading with Mega Upload a much faster and reliable experience.

Mega Manager


Mega Manager

User reviews about Mega Manager

  • by Anonymous

    Does not work anymore.
    This was cool application. It was easy to install and fast. I like it. I hope that Meg...   More